Approved Dec. 20, 2005

Published at StandardOperatingProcedures.

An update to SOPVoRegistration-v2. Clarifies that processing VO ticket happens in parallel with notification to eb and process is stopped only if eb objects.

SOP VO Registration V3

Actions initiated by receipt of VO registration form.



1. VO Registration form submitted

Registration info is automatically entered into registration database and marked as not yet accepted.

2. Spam check

  • OSG Ops looks at info to see if it sensible.
  • If it is irrational then the record is deleted and no further action is taken.
  • A ticket is created for processing this request.

3. Is VO already registered?

  • If the VO was already registered then check to see what fields are udpated.
    • If a VO module update is required then note that in ticket.
    • Check if any contact information for Footprints ticket system or security contact has changed then add this to ticket.
    • If no fields that require propagation are updated then no further action is required. Check with submitter on why new form was submitted.

4. Process VO Tickets

  • for new VO
    • send notice of new VO registration OSG User Group Coordination List <osg-user-group at OPENSCIENCEGRID dot ORG>, they will inform eb and obtain their approval/disapproval of new VO
    • request review of VO Purpose URL content
      • response, if any, from eb is considered at Ops meeting review for this VO
      • processing ticket proceeds as if eb has not objection
    • verify information in registration database for this VO
      • valid support center, functioning URLs, valid email addresses
    • from the registration database, send the welcome email
      • informs the VO of the SOP, asks them to attend the Operations Meeting and sends them OSG LISTSERV info
    • develop updates to VO module, but don't yet publish them
    • mark ticket as ready for review at Ops meeting
  • for VO update
    • identify all updated fields
    • propagate any updated contact information to Footprints and security databases
    • prepare any changes required to VO module

5. Operations Meeting ticket review

  • new VO ticket (following notice to eb after 2 business day time window for eb response)
    • if eb objects to new VO registration
      • send notice of rejection to VO registrant with explanation from eb
    • if eb needs clarification but VO is accepted
      • get updated information from registrant and inform eb
      • continue processing ticket as if finally accepted
      • send notification of updated VO module when it is ready
    • if eb needs clarification and does not yet approve VO
      • get updated information from registrant and inform eb
      • wait for response from eb, with one business day reminders
    • if no objection or response from eb
      • then finish processing ticket and updates to VO module
      • send notification of updated VO module when ready

  • VO update ticket
    • check if VO module update is complete and tested
    • if yes, then announce update
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