Project Plan for Streamlining CA Release Process

Problem Statement

The OSG CA certificates are released to RPM format to both GOC (old OSG RPM repository) and the new OSG S/W repository. Since the RPM release to GOC predated the OSG RPM effort (and our use of Koji), the old RPMs that are created do not follow the standards we use on Koji. Furthermore supporting multiple production RPMs will cause the release process to be error prone and cause confusion to user.


  • Merge two separate RPM releases to GOC and Koji and streamline the process of preparing the release

Project Team

  • Security Team: Anand, Mine (Lead)
  • GOC: Rob Q, Scott T
  • VDT: Alain

Deliverables from the project:


  • Effort: 2 FTE week, no extra effort needed
  • Project start : January 15, 2012
  • Project End Date: May 31, 2012
    • Development Phase ends: Feb 28, 2012
    • Deprecation of GOC service: May 31, 2012

Project implementation Plan (Steps for deprecating CA certs RPMs from GOC's Yum repository)

Task State Owner Target Start Target Finish Actual Finish Notes
Identify sites GOC repositories
Scott - - 16-Jan-2012 Scott send us the list based on log files
Contact Identified Sites
Anand - - 9-Feb-2012 Emails sent out to resource contacts
Identify Transition Plan for deprecating GOC repository
Anand - - 8-Feb-2012 We will keep the packages at GOC unchanged. We except to continue making regular production releases till the repository is deprecated (May 31).
Update the CA release process documentation on twiki
Anand 10-Feb-2012 29-Feb-2012 27-Feb-2012  
Update CA release scripts, RPM spec files as needed
Anand 10-Feb-2012 29-Feb-2012 27-Feb-2012  
Update instructions on
Scott - 29-Feb-2012   Instruction sent to Scott
Broad announcement of Change to OSG community
Anand 13-Feb-2012 20-Feb-2012    
Develop Instruction for site admins to make the transition
Anand 20-Feb-2012 29-Feb-2012 28-Feb-2012 Instruction at:Documentation.Release3.CATransitionRPMRepository
Release Updates of CA packages to GOC Repository
Anand - 31-May-2012    
Deprecate Old GOC Yum Repository
Scott - 31-May-2012   The old repository has been deprecated and is slated to be removed on June 12,2012

Additional Notes

  • One of the big concerns is that we are switching the CA bundle layout from old to new as part of this streamlining. The new layout has been available in the new software repo (via Koji) for a while. The new layout had no problems with vdt software stack except for the VOMS. Whereas GOC's old software repo still provides rpms in the old format. We were concerned that a site which uses GOC old repo may switch to new layout and it can break its software especially if the site uses VOMS. We contacted each site that uses GOC old repo and asked them what software they run. All of the contacted sites found to be running software that is proven to work well with new layout.

Dependencies/ Risks

Affected Parties

  • This change will affect anyone (primarily OSG resource admins) using RPM (Yum) packages from repositories at GOC.
  • All affected parties have been notified.
    • We looked at the log files from GOC as to who might be using the RPMs and contacted them individually.
    • We also send out multiple notifications to the OSG community through the mailing lists.

-- AnandPadmanabhan - 03 Feb 2012

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