The next OSG site administrator's workshop will be held at the Vanderbilt University, August 10, 11 2010 in occasion of CMS Tier 3 workshop. The focus will be Tier 3s or small OSG clusters that have little resources but are interested in OSG services like CE and SE. The focus is on practical, hands-on issues relating to OSG site administration.
  • Meeting homepage in OSG Indico system is here
  • Timetable agenda


List of tutorials for workshop attendees: SiteAdminsWorkshopTutorialsAug10

Each hands-on session should have:

  • a section in that document specifying a brief introduction, the requirements (if there are extra requirements after the generic workshop requirements at the end of that page and repeated below), a link to the hands-on tutorial page, optionally some reference page or other related documents.
  • a hands-on tutorial page. HandsOn provides stylistic guidelines for the tutorial page. TemplateHandsOn is a template and ClientInstallationHandsOn is an example.

To check the schedule go to the agenda on Indico

August 10 morning - Session 1 - Introduction/talks
  1. Welcome 15" - Kevin, Rob S, Dan F
  2. OSG Introduction 45" - Dan F, Marco
    • Big picture
    • What's in new release?
  3. Architecture of a Tier 3 60" - Marco
    • Site planning
    • Choices for configuration
    • Job workflow (how jobs are submitted and end up on your site)
    • Data flow
    • RSV probes (what they are and how they work)
    • GIP, BDII
  4. T3 site admin 15" - ssomeone coming anyway, Vanderbilt, TTU, Doug
    • Describe my site, any problems
  5. T3 site admin 15" - someone coming anyway, someone new
    • Describe my site, any problems
  6. Security 15" - sec. team - Igor
  7. Certificates 15" - sec. team - Igor
  8. Hardware tour/viewing/discussion - Kevin

August 10 afternoon - Session 2 - OSG handson

  1. Prerequisites - email them out Marco, Rob S
  2. CE install - Suchandra
  3. GUMS install - Steve Tim

August 11 morning - Session 3 - OSG handson

  1. GUMS install - Steve Tim
  2. SE install (parallel sessions)
    1. Bestman/gateway - Tanya B. HADOOP - Brian B or Michael Thomas

August 11 afternoon - Session 4 - CMS specific

  • CMSSW: - Patrick Gartung
    • Hands-on: How to install CMSSW

* Phedex - Talk: What is Phedex and how does it work - ?

August 12 morning - Session 5 - CMS specific

  • Phedex - Tutorials continued
    Hands-on: Testing and troubleshooting - Carl Lundstedt
  • CRAB: - Erik Vaandering
    • How to get your site to accept CRAB jobs
    • How to submit CRAB jobs from your site to other sites
    • OSG vs EGEE

Official agenda and registration (TBD)

Previous hands-on workshops:

Example hands-on documentation:

General requirements

  • All attendees should have laptops (wireless Internet access will be available).
  • Attendees should already have a valid grid certificate. Information about certificates is available here.
  • Attendees should install an OSG 1.2 Grid client (OSG client installation), specially if they plan to attend the Network session or to test grid resources.
  • Attendees will work with their own servers which should have pre-installed host and service certificates.
  • GUMS and CE installations will require one server each (it can be the same if you are just testing) with a platform supported by VDT. You will need admin (root) privileges.

Program discussion

Use the following sections for internal notes (for presenter/faculties, ...)

Program discussion phone meeting

Next Meeting:

Old meetings:

  • Wednesday 7/28, 2pm central - minutes: SitesCoord100728
  • Tuesday 7/13, 2pm central -minutes: SitesCoord100713
  • Monday 6/28, 3pm central
  • Friday 6/18, 3pm central

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