• Attendees: Kevin/Vanderbilt, Brian, Keith Chadwick, Steve Timm/FNAL, Fred Luehring/IU, Shreyeas/NERSC, Brian/UWM, Abhishek, Doug (LBL), Wayne Betts (STAR/BNL), Jeff Porter/LBNL, Karthik/OU, Charles/UChicago, Anand, Arvind, Alain
  • Apologies: Rob Quick
  • Coordinates: Thursday, Sep 11, 2008, 2:30pm Central; 510-665-5437, #1212

Updating CA Certificates (Doug)

  • New version coming for this: OSG 1.0.1, see CA certificates.
  • Question: who all wants CA certificates by rpm?
    • rpm still being produced by VDT. How about GOC? This needs to be checked - intention is to fully support it.
    • NERSC uses the rpm; Michigan, Nebraska as well.
  • Sites have always been responsible for these - OSG and VDT provide a recommended set. This has not been particularly emphasized.
  • Where we need to make sure the change process is well documented in the Release Documentation.
  • GOC will provide a list of which CA's are supported. See
  • Anyone who has does an update or fresh install will be affected by these changes.
  • For updates or new installs, currently must edit directly.
  • Has change been tested with RSV probes? Yes. There is a new RSV probe which works correctly with the update.

OSG Security (Mine)

Best practices, procedures and expectations from the OSG Security team.

  • Mine is ill - need to cover at a future meeting.

GIP in OSG 1.0 (Brian)

An overview of what the GIP is, what it advertises about your site, and who is using this data. PDF attached to this twiki page.

  • GIP_Overview.pdf: GIP_Overview.pdf
  • To increase grid usage at a site, advertise your site and make sure ReSS is working.

OSG 1.0 Issue Inventory (Jeff, ++)

Jeff will review the current inventory of problems and issues in OSG 1.0 - for open discussion and input.

  • Scan of osg-sites email list for issues that are not specific GOC or VDT tickets
    • WS GRAM proxy deletion error - Globus fix but no reported tests - there's a patch, but its not been tested.
    • Large number of Globus errors 17 & 43: Errors being investigated as a Globus-Condor issue: update - there were a couple of fixes in the condor gahp server - Steve Timm is testing a version from Condor.
    • CE load through the roof: temporary issue? Several of these. Kevin: no update, its not happened again. Keith: saw a load spike from an Engage user that was using "Nimrod" against a Fermigrid CE*.
    • several items on RSV (re)configuration: resolved but resurface
    • Others? ... Shreyeas: IA64 support, and Java support, have had to put in a beta version outside of VDT. Also, Globus from VDT is not working well with openssl.
  • Scan of osg-int email list that missed the osg-sites list
    • Summary of write access policy to $OSG_APP
      • write access on CE (required), read only on worker nodes (recommended?)
      • listed some implementation details: sticky-bit vs ACLs
      • who is responsible for making sure policy is maintained? more of best practice for the VO
    • Scalability of GUMS account pool mapping
      • create a mechanism to disable grid-mapfile generation from web interface
      • Might require a GUMS update - perhaps in OSG 1.2

  • issues
    • will collect issues in Footprints


  • Next phone meeting (bi-weekly - but need to back off during Trash/Integration seasons)
  • Next face-to-face meeting: is there an interest in hands-on type meeting? Parallel technical sessions?
  • For example (call for participation, leaders)
    • entry-level to OSG (getting on the OSG)
    • deploying a Bestman SE (Bestman-Gateway)
    • deploying a dCache SE
    • xrootd, Lustre filesystems?
    • redundant services, failover for HA service
  • Interfacing with users and site admins - can we accommodate this
  • Finding a timeframe: please fill out doodle here.


  • Next meeting Thursday, September 25, same time.

-- RobGardner - 08 Sep 2008

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