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OSG Software Team Meeting, 2011-07-25


  • Alain
  • Alex
  • Derek
  • Doug
  • Jeff
  • Marco
  • Mat
  • Neha
  • Scot
  • Suchandra
  • Tanya
  • Tim


  1. Comments on last week's build fest?
  2. Feedback needed: any tasks we thought of last week that need to be recorded?
  3. State of RPM work: who is doing what, what needs to be done next

General notes

Alain will be talking to the Batlab about what they can do to support testing. Due to OSG Year 6 planning meetings this week, he'll talk to them next week.

Don't forget about the osg-software Jabber conference. Details.

1. Comments on last week's build fest?

Jeff asked for an overview of the build fest. A few details:

  • Wednesday July 20 Friday July 22
  • 208 commits to source code repo
  • About 20 new RPMs
  • Many other RPMs improved/fixed
  • 13 attendees (some part-time): Alain, Alex, Brian, Dan, Derek, Doug, Igor, Marco, Neha, Scot, Suchandra, Tanya, Tim
  • Everyone up to speed on infrastructure & how to make RPMs
  • Team building: first time all of us worked together in person
  • One presentation on the meeting page

Scot commented that it was very useful and it would be a good idea to do again, perhaps periodically, particularly when we are close to our milestones. Alain said he's seriously considering targetd fest for the ITB and documentation

Derek asked what we should do to keep track of documentation that needs to be completed. Since we'll end up with a long to-do list with many small items in it, Alain suggested a simple wiki page. This is linked from our temporary RPM documentation page.

Tim asked about the state of RPMs: * WN client ready for testing * Client ready for testing * Good progress on VOMS/VOMS-Admin server. Not yet ready for testing. A week? * Good progress on RSV--packaged as RPM and can run a single probe. * 1/2 of CE done? Globus still in progress * vo-client done * Vanilla Bestman SE done

Mat talked abotu Koji. Basic install done but needs authentation/authorization with X.509 certs before it's ready.

Tim asked Alain to decide how we use closed and resolved in tickets. What's the difference? What should we use?

2. Feedback needed: any tasks we thought of last week that need to be recorded?

Tim asked if we have a clear plan for Tomcat. We don't yet have generic plan though we've done some work with VOMS Admin. Tim will work on it. Tomcat pulls OpenJDK?--some things to sort out about that. Alain made JIRA ticket SOFTWARE-75 for this.

Configuration (osg-configure and the like) need tickets. Alain will make some.

Plan for automated testing? Alain will talk to Batlab to get idea of what they can support. He will also collect requirements from team soon.

3. State of RPM work: who is doing what, what needs to be done next

Tim & Tanya will talk to Derek about VOMS/VOMS Admin

Tim needs work. (See Tomcat above)

Recommendation from Scot that we need leases on packages: we should find out if our users really need things we are packaging.

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