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OSG Software Team Meeting for 6-Feb-2012


  • Mambelli, Marco
  • Martin, Terrence
  • Potekhin, Maxim
  • Sharma, Neha
  • Sfiligoi, Igor
  • Strain, Doug
  • Thapa, Suchandra
  • Weichel, Jim


Status has not changed since last week. We need documentation to be done!!! We went over things that people need to do.

Jim wants to cut over the new navigation page this week

Releases next week

We will release OSG Software 3.0.7 next week. It will include new CA certificate (IGTF 1.44) and minor bug fixes for RSV and Bestman2.

We will release OSG Software 1.2.27 next week. It will include security patches for curl and Apache.

CEMon for SE

ATLAS has asked for us to support CEMon the the GIP on storage elements. Alain asked if Doug or Neha could work on it, and Doug volunteered. After the meeting, Alain made SOFTWARE-525 to track the work.

New support scheme starts February 14th

As discussed earlier, we are moving to a new support process. Last week, Alain sorted out several technical details with the GOC.

The transition will start next Tuesday. Alain is the first person on triage duty, so I'll help sort out the details.

What should you do?

  1. Try out the ITB ticket system. Can you make and process tickets?
  2. Read through the documents below and provide any feedback.
  3. Be patient as we sort through the details and inevitable bumps we'll run into.

Related documents:

Scientific Linux 6 support

Scientific Linux 6 support is coming along well. Alain will share more document soon, and testing will begin very soon.

Status Reports

  • Doug: Fixed bug in Bestman2 (blocked path). Work with Alex on Bestman2 development process. Fixed HDFS startup problem and jGlobus problemn.
  • Igor: Has been swamped, delegated to Terrence.
  • Marco: Documentaiton. Testing when Condor is not installed via RPM.
  • Maxim: Finished up glexec testing for the nightly test framework.
  • Neha: Gone last week, nothing to report. Will be working on documentation this week.
  • Suchandra: ITB work and maintenance of ITB site. Will finish up osg-configure ticket this week and will do testing for next week's releases.
  • Terrence: Have been testing glidein infrastructure. Working with new guy Tim.
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