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OSG Software Team Meeting, 30-April-2012

There was no meeting today, due to Condor Week 2012. People emailed status reports, which are below.


  • Released 3.1.0.
  • Built GUMS
  • Tracked down a NoClassDefFoundError? when trying to use "gums mapUser" in our gums package.
  • OSG support triage and tickets.


  • Minor RSV work/support. < 2 hours worth in the last week.


I mainly worked on the new version of BeStMan?, currently dubbed 2.2.0a. Fixed several issues in the packaging that broke the client (classpath issues) and fixed the classpath from picking the wrong cog-axis. It now seems to work now in both SL5 and SL6.

I also took the time to organize an osg branch in the BeStMan? svn instance and pushed all the changes upstream to that branch. I also tried to pin down a versioning scheme and commit procedure with Alex and his team, but, so far, I have not been successful (his team has been busy this week).


  • I created JIRA tickets for most of the outstanding items from the Test Fest (and follow-up discussions).

  • Changed the ordering of clean-up steps to prevent a bug with userdel

  • Changed osg-test to always run clean-up steps and make them safe to do so (SOFTWARE-647)

  • Sketched a few ideas for an improved HTML index page for test results


- more work on dcache teststand. several issues - .credentials script creating wrong symlinks for hostcert/hostkey pairs. srm authentication failure. srm node not shutting down while trying to save it as persistent. admin, chimera nodes not coming up properly after shutdown. investigation in progress

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