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Installing a OSG Build Box

Installing additional Repos

For a build box, you need the repos: EPEL, JPackage and OSG.

  1. Install EPEL:
    [root@client ~]$ wget
    [root@client ~]$ rpm -i epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm 
  2. Install JPackage:
    [root@client ~]$ yum -y install yum-priorities
    [root@client ~]$ rpm -Uvh
  3. Edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage.repo, replacing $releasever with '5', just the number 5. There are 2 locations, only the location in url is what matters.
  4. Install the OSG Yum Repository
    [root@client ~]$ rpm -Uvh 

Installing the osg-build tool

osg-build is used to build OSG packages. It is a wrapper for tools like rpmbuild and mock.

[root@client ~]$ yum --enablerepo=osg-development install osg-build

Checking out the package source from subversion

Current work is done in subversion. The command to check out the subversion is:
[user@client ~]$ svn co vdt-native

Setting up Mock

Install mock (should be brought in by osg-build in newer builds):
[root@client ~]$ yum -y install mock

Add your user to the mock group. Edit /etc/group, adding your username (as returned by id) to the mock line:


Performance Suggestions

It is suggested that mock builds are done in ram. Mock build are all conducted under /var/lib/mock/. Mounting that directory in ram will cause builds to be much faster.

An example mount command:

[root@client ~]$ mount -t tmpfs -o size=3072m tmpfs /var/lib/mock

Enabling OSG-Development Repo by default (optional)

Edit /etc/yum.repos.d/osg-development.repo, changing enabled to 1.
name=OSG Software for Enterprise Linux 5 - Development - $basearch 
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