Storage Meeting Minutes 2010 Sep 15


  • Ted Hesselroth
  • Neha Sharma
  • Alex Sim
  • Tanya Levshina

Status report for 8/25-9/15

* Support
  - bestman2 scalability
  - bestman2 and clients/tester documentation/FAQ
     * bestman2 users guide:
     * bestman2 FAQ:
     * bestman SRM clients users guide and command samples:
     * srm tester users guide
  - srm-tester daily run maintenance due to an OS upgrade on
  - bestman skeleton release
    * bestman-skel-
  - bestman2 2.0.2 release


Finished design document for OSG Public Storage. 
Now working on database schema design. 
Helped with organization of OSG Storage Forum. 
Wrote talk for OSG Storage Forum.


- sevalidation testsuite - was able to resolve foreign key constraint 
violation exception, add new request in database, put in check for 
duplicate configuration and request entities
- worked on FermSRMClients documentation
- pinged Suchandra about ITB ticket #133 so it can be updated
- revised
based on Tanya's feedback
- worked on sent to ted for reviewing
- status meeting with tanya 


- Documentation:  all 5 documents tested and sent to Ted.  Review comments are on the twiki pages.
- LIGO: Meeting attended, helping Britta with problems with TTU-Antaeus (wrong port and proxy credentials) and sporadic issues with UmissHEP (possibly using the wrong mount point?)
- Bestman plugin:  plugin completed and tested.  Inclusion into lbnl contributions on sourceforge still pending.



First agenda item

BeStMan status


BeStMan 2.0.2 is released in VDT cache. It contains bug fixes for BeStMan-fullmode (monitoring long running requests and MSS queue monitoring) and changes in configuration setup (the defaults values to improve scalability)

Second Agenda Item

Public storage design


Detailed design document is ready for internal review. Ted is working on design digest for stakeholders.

Third agenda item



Neha is waiting for several documents to be reviewed, needs to test Gratia GridFTP Transfer Probes. Ted has to follow up with Document Tracking Tables and finish reviewing Document Release Variables. Doug has multiple documents he needs to test after he returns from vacation. Tanya will be working on BeStMan Installation on CE document requested by Iwona.

Fourth agenda item


++++++++++++ New tickets ++++++++++++


++++++++++++ Old tickets ++++++++++++

No update:

8800 - OSG Storage: Engage Access on MIT_CMS

9169 - OSG Storage: Bestman using 2.9G RAM at UCSD SE

8785 - OSG Storage: dCache: Issues upgrading dCache at UIUC using vdt-dcache package

9073 - OSG Storage: Summary of bestman-g issues/requests from US ATLAS

9075 - OSG Storage: dCap: Request timing out

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