Storage Meeting Minutes 2011 Jun 01


  • Jeff Dost
  • Neha Sharma
  • Alex Sim
  • Doug Strain
  • Tanya Levshina


  • Alain Roy
  • Marco Mambelli


 - Email discussions on SRM interop testing
 - Support for STAR experiment on timed-out gridftp transfers (managed by bestman) from NERSC to BNL
 - added network connection related exception handling on bestman-client
 - support on bestman2 2.0.13 release candidate


- xrootd: 3.0.4 not out yet.  Still RC1
- bestman: Working on building bestman2 from source for VDT repo.  Should have rpm out later this week.


Hadoop 0.20 RPMs 
- failed attempting to build Bestman2 2.0.13 rpm.  Fails on make missing java extensions: jaxp_parser_impl, xml-commons-apis.
- Brian had similar problems for 2.0.12.  Creating the source tarball using configure script makes build dependent on initial download location.  Further investigation is needed to determine if I'm having the same problem.

- working on the layout on
- need to figure out how much to include in subsections for installing each component


- Went through MOCK documentation. 
Had issues bringing up cloud vm for mock build testing (Thanks Faarooq for his help). Finally came up. 
Mock prerequisites are setup (Thanks to Doug for his help). 
Able to initialize the mock environment --- however reports several missing progress


- discussed changes in bestman configuration script for pacman & rpm
- installed bestman2.0.13 from rpm (hdfs repo and vdt repo) and pacman, tested configuration modification, provided feedback - not ready for ITB yet
- re-installed and test fixed prima rpm, updated documentation 
- installed gratia probes from hdfs repo, provided feedback - missing rpms, questionable  dependencies,etc
- contacted Lukasz and xrootd developers in order to understand the delay with release 
- support

First agenda item

BeStMan server/client 2.0.13


  1. rpm packaging: hdfs - problems with BeStMan build. Jeff is wondering if he can put 2.0.12 in unstable repo if he will not be able to built BeStMan before Friday vdt- repo - Doug's rpm still have problems (start/stop doesn't work properly, client scripts should be fixed etc)
  2. Scot has released pacman test cache that has similar problems

Alex will continue work on modification.

Second Agenda Item

hdfs 0.20


HDFS rpms are ready to be tagged, BeStMan and gratia related rpms are not ready yet. Jeff is working on documentation. He tries to figure out the best layout.

Third agenda item

xrootd release


xrootd 3.0.4 rc2 is not ready. xrootd 3.0.4 rc1, xrootd-dsi and all the dependent rpms are ready. Prima rpm is also available so sites can configure gridftp server to get authorization from GUMS.



++++++++++++ New tickets ++++++++++++

Follow up in progress:

10484 - NET2_DATADISK failing FT: failed to contact on remote SRM

++++++++++++ Old tickets ++++++++++++

Follow up in progress:

10400 - srmcp command not working as expected

No Update

42 - OSG Storage: Xrootd: Help with documentation and troubleshooting

10160 - OSG-Storage: Resource Specific Issue on T2_Nebraska_OSG

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