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Storage Status

This is an internal page for Doug Strain to keep track of what he is doing:

Ongoing tasks (from OSG Storage):

High-level view:

Project Task Percentage FTE Priority Comments
Support osg-storage,GOC tickets 20% High Users should be high priority, mailing lists ~2-3 issues/week, Alain said could spend up to 50% of allocated .5 FTE
Packaging Many packages 40% Medium-High Between all the packages below, keeps me busy
Testing Fermicloud smoke test + test stand 15% Medium Test stand failing, drop it?
Development Bestman,probes,discovery tools 5% Low Spikes occasionally, Bestman scares me
Documentation 20%->5% Low Big effort previously, but should ramp down

Detailed view:

Project Task Software Owner Comments
Storage Software in VDT Packaging, Configuration
xrootd Doug Current: 3.1.1
BeStMan Doug Current: 2.2.0
Hadoop+HDFS plugins Doug Current 0.20
GridFTP Doug+Matyas
xrootd-dsi Doug
srm-clients Doug fermi,lbnl,lcg-utils
gridftp transfer probe Neha?
dcache (storage+transfer) probe Neha
hadoop (storage+transfer) probe Neha?
xrootd (storage+transfer) probe Neha?
Also development RSV probes Doug
Also development Pigeon probes Doug untested and unpackaged
Also development discovery tools Doug in osg-client, needs sl6
CEMon Doug,Matyas CEmon for storage, etc
RSV probes Doug
Pigeon probes Doug untested and unpackaged
discovery tools Doug in osg-client, needs sl6
BeStMan Neha,Doug
Testing All Doug,Neha
maintaining test stand ??? ???
developing test framework Neha
Documentation Write,maintain general Doug Planning, reference,etc
Release Documentation Doug In good shape, reviewing still required
Review, test All Neha
Support dcache,bestman,hadoop,xrootd,probes OSG Software Users should create GOC tickets
GOC tickets Doug
osg-storage,osg-hadoop mailing list Doug
Misc Support Triage,OSG Release All

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Packaging
    • pigeon tools (medium -> low priority)
    • xrootd 3.1.1 release
    • BeStMan dependency reduction: ongoing
    • SL6 packages: discovery tools, BeStMan, other SE packages * Open JIRA tickets: about 8-10 * Open GOC tickets: zero currently

Testing framework

The following serves as internal notes to remind me of the existing test infrastructure and aid in determining the form of future testing effort. It is still in very rough format.

Current test frameworks:

  • Validation testing by Tanya (using static test stand)
  • Stress testing by Haifeng Pi
  • Java based web framework done by Neha
  • RSV / pigeon probes by Doug

Current testing matrix (from validation tests):

  • bestman2_gateway_disk
  • bestman2_gateway_hadoop
  • bestman2_gateway_xrootd
  • bestman_fullmode (drop?) [space reservation]
  • xrootd with 2 clusters and "global" redirector with FRM
  • dCache (only used to test third-party transfer)

Each one should be tested:

  • With static tokens (used by Atlas) & Without static tokens
  • With clients lcg, fermi, and lbnl (used to check with
  • third party transfers between each pair
  • upgrade procedure

Currently using:

  • Hadoop: namenode gw018k0, secondary name-node+!GridFTP+!BeStMan gw018k1, data nodes: gw015k2, gw015k3, gw016k2, gw016k3, gw017k2, gw017k3, gw018k2, gw018k3
  • Xrootd: Bestman gateway gw015k1, cluster: gw016k0 rdr, gw016k1, gw017k0, gw017k1 (gw014k1 global redirector)
  • Bestman standalone without tokens:
  • Bestman standalone with tokens:
  • RSV / monitoring: gw014k0
  • dCache: (not supported) gwdca06 dCache admin node, gwdca05 PNFS node, gwdca04 SRM, gwdca03 Dcap, GridFTP? doors, gwdca02,gwdca01 pool node

  • Bestman on disk: fg0x5 (going away), ?? fg7x5 (going away)
  • Xrootd: cluster on fermicloud (going away)
  • BeStMan Stress test: some bare-metal in ITB ??? (going away)

-- DouglasStrain - 24 Oct 2011

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