User Group Coordination Meeting



Meeting coordinates

2007/11/08 at noon CDT.

For attendance instructions please see main meetings page.




Issues from previous meetings




  • Emailed report from Maxim states that he will be making required changes to the PANDA pilot system to allow the propagation of the MPI RSL. CHARRM tarball has also been sent to Purdue.


Open Agenda Items.

OSG 0.8 Validation

  • ... is complete. Lots of great input received from the VOs.

OSG 1.0 Requirements collection.

  • ... has started. Based on comments made during the OSG 0.8 validation, the hope is that VOs will have lots of suggestions for things to do for the next release. Email follow-up will be continuing over the next couple of weeks.

  • Chris: several problems related to VOMS including erroneous and confusing warning messages from the client; and an innocuous warning now produces an error exit code in contrast to previous versions of the client. One major problem is a perceived lack of response to issues from the developers.
    • Abhishek: should we take this to the EB to try to get more useful response from the VOMS team?
    • Chris: my report to the EB on these meetings will include this.


  • Abhishek and Anne discussed the storage documentation; Abhishek promised to look at his assigned pages soon.

-- ChrisGreen - 08 Nov 2007

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