User Support Coordination Meeting



Meeting coordinates

2007/08/30 at noon CDT.

For attendance instructions please see main meetings page.



Issues from previous meetings

  • Abhishek: Reviewed surveys to distill action items.
  • Chris: Started dialog with ILC MPI application requesters on technical details.
  • Chris: looked into SQUID discovery and access at sites: environment variable OSG_SQUID_LOCATION; site use patchy up to now.


  • Chris: re-schedule IceCube discussion for when Juan Carlos and Steve Barnett can attend.
  • Chris: distill the wrap-up items into well-defined issues for discussion with EB.
  • Chris: investigate ways of representing the users' concerns on preemption and long suspensions to the facilities group.
  • Britta: will investigate incorporating ReSS into LIGO workflow.
  • All: report ReSS advertising inconsistencies and outages when they occur.








  • OSG VO:
    • Chris is a VO admin.
    • Stated purpose of OSG VO is fairly narrow: to enable experiments and independent researchers to get started on the OSG; purpose will be widened to include OSG staff for general use; and site admins for testing their own sites if their sponsoring VO's credentials are not appropriate or not available.
    • Indiana VOMS server will switch off at the end of August, leaving only new official VOMS running out of FNAL.

  • VO Validation.
    • Deadline for ITB to be ready for validation Friday
    • SDSS / DES validation by Nickolay
    • Expected to take next couple of weeks.

  • CHEP demo.
    • Mats just circulated the latest animation and presentation -- very impressive.


  • Abhishek: continue efforts on VO validation.
  • Chris: continue efforts to maintain and improve support of OSG VO after demise of old server.

-- ChrisGreen - 30 Aug 2007

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