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VO Group Weekly Forum | May 13, 2010

  • Thursdays 1:30 PM Central Time.
  • Phone (510) 665-5437, Meeting ID 1111.


Kate Adams (GPN), Marco Mambelli (Sites), Doug Olson (Security), Abhishek Singh Rana (VOs Group), David Ritchie (Communications), Joel Snow (D0), Marcia Teckenbrock (Communications), Steve Timm (Fermi-VO), Jim Weichel (Content Management), Eric Wicklund (CDF)

Previous Minutes

Weekly Forum: May 6

Announcements (Abhishek Singh Rana)

Stakeholder Projections: thanks to the VOs who have providing this; those that have not are invited to do so.

Software proposals SP3 and SP9 (, -- planning to drop support for old operating systems. If still using one of these, please point it out.

David Ritchie: Scientific publications; to be used as part of report to NSF in June. (PLEASE SUBMIT BY MY 28). VO representatives should have received an email from David. If not, please email ritchie at fnal dot gov.

Security (Doug Olson)

VO in focus

D0 (Joel Snow)

Issue with GPN cluster issue (gridftp processes being stuck); investigating on Fermilab side and will open ticket if necessary.

UCONN jobs all failed (couldn't get files).

Sent email to Cornell contact for SE; person must consult with PI.

Joel is in discussions with Robert Illingworth at Fermilab regarding testing SE at UTA.

New peak in D0 MonteCarlo production 13.3 M events per week: OSG stats show ~120,000 wall hours per day with near 90% efficiency throughout week.

Purdue SE (CMS Tier-2 + other resources) has been low efficiency. Marco will look into whether anything can be done.

Fermilab-VO (Steve Timm)

Scientific publications gathering progressing: Accelerator Physics Center has responded.

SBGrid/NEBioGrid (Peter Doherty - offline)

Investigating GlideinWMS. Working to find a solution for NAT configuration issues.

GPN (Kate Adams)

Q: Some faculty doing weather simulations; need cluster that will allow comparisons while doing calculations. Kate will send more specifics (GPUs/parallel processing).


Notable items

-- AbhishekSinghRana - 13 May 2010

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