The gip.conf is the expert's means to adjust GIP parameters. As development on the GIP progresses, we'll continue to expose more functionality in this file. The file is assumed to be located in $GIP_LOCATION/etc/gip.conf. A sample template is available in $GIP_LOCATION/etc/gip.conf.template.

File Format

The gip.conf is in the python conf file format, also known as the Windows INI format. It is divided up into sections, and each section has key=value pairs. A "#" denotes the beginning of a comment. An example of a section in gip.conf is given below:

job_manager = pbs
name =
host_name = %(name)s
hosting_cluster = %(name)s
unique_name = %(name)s
use_gt4 = True
gt4_endpoint = https://%(unique_name)s:9443
gt4_timeout = 15


gip.conf is designed to be an experts-only file. Internally, the GIP populates any missing data with data from $VDT_LOCATION/monitoring/osg-attributes.conf and $VDT_LOCATION/monitoring/gip-attributes.conf.

For example, look at the example in the previos section. The job_manager and name attributes were already filled out during the process; if these entries were not given in gip.conf, then the values from osg-attributes.conf will be used.

In fact, the priority of the files can be adjusted. In order to have gip.conf override values in *-attributes.conf, simply set override=True in the gip section. In order for *-attributes.conf to take precedence, set override=False. An example of the contents of the gip section is given:

override = False

Configuration options

We now cover some of the most common options for this file. Sample values are given where appropriate.

Each section name below corresponds to a section in the gip.conf. Each list item corresponds to a key-value pair in that section. Please note that section and key names are case-sensitive.


  • All attributes in this section are overridden by osg-attributes.conf.


Only for sites using the PBS jobmanager. This allows one to specify exactly how queues are advertised for the GIP; this is an essential control needed for EGEE compatibility.

  • pbs_path - The value of $PBS_PATH for the PBS install
  • <queuename>_blacklist - Comma separated list of VO names to exclude from queue ; * to exclude all.
    • To generate a list of supported VOs for a queue, first the queue's blacklist is generated, then the whitelist is applied. This way, even if the blacklist is *, some VO might be allowed in it.
  • <queuename>_whitelist - Comma separated list of VO names which are always allowed in this queue.
  • queue_exclude - Local-user only queues which should not be advertised to the grid.


This section is not currently used; it will be used in a future release of the GIP.


  • override - Set to true if the values in gip.conf should override the values in osg-attributes.conf and gip-attributes.conf


This section is non-functional; configure subclusters through


Variables about VO support

  • vo_blacklist - VOs which this site does not support
    • set to "*" to blacklist all VOs.
  • vo_whitelist - VOs which this site does support in the case the vo_blacklist is set to *.
  • storage_vos - Comma-separated list of VOs the SE supports. If autodetect_storage_vos is true, then the SE VOs are the same as the CE VOs.
  • autodetect_storage_vos - Set to True if the SE VOs and CE VOs are the same. Set to False to use only storage_vos


Variables for determining the relationship between a CE and a SE.

  • simple - Set to True for a standard OSG deploy; the CE and SE relationship will be auto-determined.
  • se_list - If simple is False, then this should be set to a python list of SE names which this CE is close to; this allows a site to advertise a relationship with a SE without that SE's information being generated by the local GIP. This will let sites split up the GIP advertising onto multiple nodes. Full support for this is slated for OSG 1.2.


Variables pertaining to the SE.

  • advertise_se - Set to True to advertise an SE with this GIP instance.
  • name - The name of the storage element
    • This value is pulled from gip-attributes.conf
  • unique_name - The unique name of the storage element, traditionally set to the SE head node's hostname. Must be a unique value.
    • This value is pulled from gip-attributes.conf


BDII contact information

  • endpoint - The endpoint of the BDII where this data will be advertised. This defaults to ldap://, and most sites will not need to alter it.

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