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The Open Science Grid (OSG) provides many monitoring and information systems to its collaborators for purposes of gathering data about available Resources on the grid.

NOTE Check out MyOSG at -- it provides a single place for most things related to OSG including the links provided below.

NOTE For each system, click the information icon (info) for further details.



MyOSG is web-site that provides a single place for most things related to the OSG including topology information, resource/service availablity/reliability information, current resource status, accounting information, etc. MyOSG Home Page

Resource and Service Validation

Resource and Service Validation (RSV) is a component of the OSG 0.8.0 and later releases that allows administrators to run probes locally on their Resources to test the functionality of those nodes. The results are sent to a central collector at the Grid Operations Center (GOC), where the information is collected, presented, and redistributed as necessary. Resource Status via MyOSG

Generic Information Provider (GIP) Validation Service

Generic Information Provider (GIP) a configurable LDAP information provider that differentiates between static and dynamic information. OSG sites use GIP to advertise a variety of grid-related configuration data. It is interoperable with LCG. info Production GIP Validation results via MyOSG

LDAP (CEMon/BDII) information display utility

LDAP information is provided by each Resource or Compute Element (CE) on the grid to a central aggregator. (Berkeley Database Information Index) is an LCG implementation of Globus GIIS-like information index based on the Berkeley Database. LDAP queries may be run for a particular Resource or the entire set of Resources. info? - Production - ITB

Resource Selection Service (ReSS)

The Resource Selection Service (ReSS) project facilitates automated job/resource management components by publishing information about the OSG resources. The system integrates condor technology, for the core match making service, with the gLite CEMon component, for gathering and publishing resource information in the Glue Schema format. Each one of these components communicates over secure protocols via web services interfaces. Grid users can easily access this published information and use it in their automated job management system. info - Production - ITB

Virtual Organization Membership System (VOMS) Monitor -- to be retired summer 2009, replaced by MyOSG? views for Operations staff

A VOMS server provides mapping of individual user DN's to a VO. These servers are contacted frequently to poll for VO members. VOMS Monitor contacts each VOMS server on the OSG each hour, returning the number of records retrieved (member of the VO) as well as the number of seconds it took to run the command. If a failure occurs, email is sent to the GOC where a consultant will create a ticket. info

Information Systems

OSG Grid Operations Center (GOC) Alerts and RSS Feed

The GOC provides information on the news feed that is relevant to OSG users and administrators. Announcements are posted regarding new software packages, central OSG and GOC service outages, and other important news-worthy topics. OSGGOC Blog RSS feed

OSG GOC Ticket Metrics Reports

Reports can serve to indicate the amount of work being accomplished as well as identify trends which may need to be addressed at various levels of the organization. The GOC provides a ticketing system to track issues reported by grid users and administrators. info

OSG Maintenance Scheduling Tool

Check here to see which OSG Resources are unavailable due to scheduled maintenance; an RSS feed is also provided. Registered administrators may post maintenance related to their OSG Resources (compute and storage elements). A valid DN is required. Your DN must also be attached to the Resource registration for which you wish to post maintenance. GoogleCal?: rss-feed
iCal: rss-feed
Setting maintenance
(Requires user to be registered and authorized to set downtimes)
View current downtimes on MyOSG
(Open to public)

OSG Information Management (OIM) System

The OSG Information Management (OIM) System is more than just a replacement for the OSG Registration DB, it is a central information management service. Eventually several services will be consolidated and made available from OIM, serving as a portal to many needed operations monitoring tools and systems. info

OSG Pacman Software Caches

The GOC provides software caches to the OSG. Packages may be downloaded during the OSG software stack install, or individually using the preferred package manager in OSG, Pacman. info - Production - ITB

Accounting Systems

Gratia Accounting

The Gratia Project (contributed as an OSG Activity) designs and deploys robust, scalable, trustable and dependable grid accounting and auditing services, publishes an interface to the services and provides a reference implementation. info

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