Notes from Trash/Blueprint Meeting, Feb 1, 2007

Storage technologies

  • Discussion of what OSG is offerring as a storage element.
  • dCache SRM resources:
  • xrootd discussion - ATLAS is considering this, STAR and SLAC brining experience for this. How does it implement an SRM functionality?
  • How will OSG plan to use an SRM/dCache SE? Trash/Deployment on 15 sites.
  • Miron: we need an open discussion on what we need.
  • Ruth - drawing xrootd stack.
  • root integration with dcache - there is a special class tdcache.
  • xrootd metrics that would be hard to beat - due to its namespace architecture, eg., number files to open /time. block access is desired.
  • How do they compare in terms of:
    • local network faults?
    • hot spots
    • server faults
    • faults in a file
    • congestion
  • Ruth: we need to worry about capabilities not the technology, and the needs of current and future stakeholders.
  • Then applications must be capable of discovering which protocol to use, given a logical file name.
  • Timor: glite knows how to open files in any of these types of protocols, e.g.: xrootd, dpm, dcache, etc.
  • Miron: we need tools and libraries to help smaller VOs to access these protocols.
  • Issue of supporting two SE's on a site: advertising the resource, how applications connect to them, which CPUs see them, etc.
  • Note - there is at least one stakeholder in OSG that requsts OSG to consider xrootd as a supported storage service included in VDT, and would asked that the executive team would consider its priority and effort available, milestones of stakesholders, for its evaluation.
  • Next issue: ACLs and opening files, re-using UIDs, and mapping UIDs to GIDs, and identity management issues. Is the DN a unique key?
    • Long discussion on how the identity mapping
  • Storage capabilities in dCache (Timor)
  • FTS discussion.

Information system technologies

-- RobGardner - 01 Feb 2007

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