Gratia WBS
WBS Code Task Priority/Comments Programmatic Project Start date End Date
1. Gratia Management and Support

1.1 Project Management ongoing

1.1.1 Group meetings bi-weekly X

1.1.2 CD Project Status report monthly X
1.1.3 Stakeholders meetings quarterly X
1.1.4 Bug tracking (JIRA) ongoing X
1.2 Documentation ongoing X

1.2.1 Project (OSG twiki pages)

1.2.2 Installation Guides

1.3 Gratia Support through GOC and SNOW ongoing X

1.4 Development

1.4.1 Hibernate upgrade low/development is needed X (X) Dec-13
1.4.2 BIRT reporting retirement high/Security issues X (X) Dec-13 Feb-14
1.4.3 Email reporting code restructuring medium X (X) Oct-13 Mar-14
1.5 Add tests OSG Framework Testing medium/ongoing X (X) Jun-13
1.6 Releases/Testing medium/probes -monthly;core - two times a year X (X)

2. Fermilab Tasks

2.1 Cloud Probe Development
(X) X

2.1.1 CPU/Memory/Disk utilization low (X) X

2.1.2 Opennebula 4.4 high/should be available when 4.4 is in production (X) X Jan-14 Feb-14
2.2 Fermi Scoreboard


2.2.1 Requirements Gathering ongoing
X Survey stakeholders and actual/potential customers (Division Heads and Experiments high
X Dec-13 01/24/14 Compile and Assess Survey Results high
X Dec-13 01/31/14 Review Survey Results with Stakeholders and Customers high
02/07/14 Draft Requirements Document high
02/21/14 Review and Approve Requirements Document high
02/28/14 Finalize Requirements Document high
2.2.2 Presentation Layer

X xdMOD evaluation high
X Nov-13 12/15/14 gratiaweb evaluation high
X Jan-14 02/01/14 design and development of WEBUI (based on evaluation)

X Feb-14
2.2.3 Requested development

X Storage probes medium
X Capacity reports medium
X Gratia Probes on GPCF medium

2.2.4 Define and deliver contribution to FermiDash low

2.2.5 Provide support and implementation of additional features for Fermi Archival Project low/ongoing
X Jun-13

3. OSG Tasks

3.1 Develop additional reports ongoing X

3.1.1 Campus Grid Reports high X

3.1.2 Field of Science accounting for VO and VO/Projects medium X

3.2 Coordinate OSG efforts related to accounting low/ongoing X

3.2.1 Campus Grid (GLOW, OSG-XSEDE,…)

3.2.2 GratiaWeb requests/bugs

3.2.3 New Probes inclusion/enhancements

3.3 Monitor OSG/WLCG migration to GOC high/ongoing X
3.4 Participate/monitor OGF accounting efforts and EGI Accounting TF low/ongoing X

4. Long Term Planning

4.1 Resource Provisioning & Accounting medium/we need to proactively particiapte in discussion of requirements and policies X

4.2 Memory accounting low/requested by Nebraska X

4.3 Network accounting low/requested by Nebraska X

4.4 Data Validation medium X